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About OlSilO

OlSilO was founded in 2021. We develop silica structures in various morphologies, surface chemistry,  particle and pore sizes. Our objective is to extend the use of  Mesoporous Silica into new application areas by maintaining high quality and feasibility.


Our vision is to leave a livable world to future generations by contributing to a sustainable ecosystem with our innovative products and services that support circular production and provide better resource and process efficiency.

Our mission is to contribute to profitable growth and sustainability policies of our customers with our solutions which provide new opportunities and ease the adaptability to environmental procedures.


Aatif (2)_edited.jpg

Dr. Aatif Ijaz

Co-Founder / Process & Product Development

güncel foto_edited_edited.jpg

Kubilay Şahin

Co-Founder / Process & Product Development


Prof. A. Levent Demirel

Co-Founder / Strategy and Project Development

annamaria _edited.jpg

Dr. Annamaria Miko

Co-Founder / Process & Product Development


S. Tolga Demirel

Co-Founder / Business Development

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